A comprehensive range of welding processes is used at Arc Energy Resources, including hot & cold wire pulsed GTAW, GMAW, twin wire, SMAW, submerged arc, electroslag and plasma.

Our library of welding procedures qualified in accordance with ASME, API and European standards cover a range of base metal/weld overlay combinations of steels and non ferrous alloys, including carbon and low alloy steels, martensitic, austenitic, 22Cr duplex and 25Cr super duplex stainless steels, nickel and copper based alloys.

Welders and fabricators are trained and qualified to ASME, BS, ISO and defence standards. Key fabrication and welding activities are supported by in-house heat treatment, rolling, press brake, bead blast inspection, NC plasma profiling, NDT, PMI and FARO Arm inspection facilities.



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