Arc Energy Resources is a Centre of Excellence for weld overlay cladding technology, based around the knowledge and expertise built up within the Company over more than 30 years of supplying weld clad products.

We undertake R&D projects to maintain our technical edge, but also carry out welding procedure qualifications and development projects for clients. 

R&D activities focus on bringing new equipment or welding processes to the stage where they are robust enough to be rolled out to production.

Our core technology is in the design and manufacture of mechanised weld overlay work stations and the associated control systems. These co-ordinate the welding conditions with the physical movements of the welding head and the work piece.

Our mechanised weld overlay workstations and control systems are designed and built in-house as machine tools, providing accurate control over stepping and positioning of the welding head and welding parameters. The welding heads can be adapted to handle many different welding processes.

Important benefits offered by Arc Energy Resources are:

• Flexibility – cladded pipe, flanges, valves, pressure vessels and more complex components can be successfully clad.
• Reduced post machining time through optimised filler deposition and smooth weld finishes. 
• Welding heads adaptable to high quality GTAW or high deposition processes.
• Welding audit trail: automatic parameter monitoring.
• Weld cladding of internal diameters as small as 20mm.



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